About Us

People Media Computer

CAMALEO is a computer company where not technology but people come first. The heart, the dreams, the experiences, the energy and the ideas of people are what bring technology to life.

Young, motivated and experienced

Our experienced and well-practiced team of 12 young and dynamic experts are looking forward to quickly, efficiently and comprehensibly implement your ideas. The optimal team size enables a tightly integrated work process as well as a broad spectrum of knowledge. We are at your service with passion and great commitment – even beyond usual office hours – since the successful cooperation between CAMALEO and the clients is our requirement and goal.


Our multicultural team offers lingual and cultural competencies that may support you to remain attractive in the global market. Present yourself in English, Spanish or Russian through the multilingual service of CAMALEO. Thus, new groups of potential customers can be reached and the findability in search engines will improve.