Web programming, Internet applications and tools

Every company has different requirements which customary programs often cannot sufficiently fulfill. CAMALEO develops tailored software particularly for your special needs.

Therefore, in addition to technical know-how, the comprehension of the content, the client as well as the users is our top priority. Thorough consulting and diligent conception are the basis of every high-quality software development. This principle is relevant to all of our projects.

In order to maximize the client’s satisfaction, CAMALEO involves the client in the developing process. Except of our trivial projects, we use the “agile” SCRUM method. In this way, after every sprint (short phases within a project) the client is able to control if the software works correctly and whether it has progressed in the right direction. Thus, the efficiency of work process can be increased and the result of the project can preferably be optimized.

The development of our web 2.0 applications are based on PHP, Zend Framework, Ajax, JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3.

Do you want to simplify your everyday work and connect different applications with each other?

Nowadays, in most companies computer applications such as accounting, merchandise management, time registration etc. are indispensable. Although they are meant to simplify the work process some seem to create even more work. You could save time, work and nerves if for example your accounting software could be able to “speak” to your online shop so that online invoices would directly be registered in the accounting.

However, this is not always possible because different programs speak different “languages”. Converters are able to edit these data and make them suitable for different programs.

CAMALEO develops tools for your individual needs that connect different applications with each other. As a result, the efficiency of work process can be increased in your company.